Friday, 6 September 2013

DIY: Silver & Pastels Manicure

If you haven't yet discovered the magic that is Pinterest, then you, my friend, are missing out. There are so many fun projects, independent artists, and great inspirations to discover. I recently saw a photo of a fun manicure that involved random patterns, and immediately wanted to try it out and make it my own. It ended up being super easy, but it does take patience as you need to let each colour dry before applying the next colour on top.

Instructions after the jump!
What You'll Need:
2-5 nail polish colours (I chose four - 3 pastels and a silver for a cute accent, all Essie)
French manicure strips (scotch tape + scissors also work, you can cut the tape into whatever design you want)
Top nail coat
Bottom nail coat

First, cut and file your nails into your perfect shape.  Then, apply your base coat to all nails. Allow to fully dry.

Next, go nail by nail and choose your pattern for each. Place your tape/sticker to mark your lines, then paint with your chosen colour and remove the tape/sticker quick, like when doing a french manicure.  I chose something slightly different for every nail, to varying degrees of success. Make your manicure truly your own! Apply your first colour, and if you plan on overlapping it with another colour, it is essential you allow the first colour to fully dry. Use your nail stickers or scotch tape to create fun patterns and interesting designs. Don't be upset if some of your base coat comes off with the sticker, as the top coat will fix that right up.

 To finish, top your painted nails with your top coat. Allow to dry, then show those bad boys off!

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