Thursday, 22 August 2013

Style Crush: Carrie Bradshaw's Best Moments

Lately, I have been really missing Sex and the City, and have been re-watching all the old episodes on DVD. The show captured the hearts of women everywhere, but no one more so than Carrie Bradshaw. Who didn't want to pick up and move to a rent-controlled NYC apartment, brunch with their best girlfriends and their gay BFF, and stroll around in vintage furs and sky high Manolos? Carrie became a huge fashion icon, and for good reason. Below are 13 of my favorite Carrie looks from the show & movies, but really, Carrie can almost do no wrong.

In season one, Carrie spent most of her time in an amazing vintage raccoon fur.  This picture of the girls at Yankees stadium may be my favorite picture of them ever, even at a baseball game they bring on the glamor.  I think if Carrie had one motto, it would be "Always Be Glamorous".

See more of Carrie's best looks, after the jump

In season 2, Carrie attends a wedding in this stunning, body-hugging nude gown.  What bride could compete?
Crop tops are tricky to pull off without looking tacky, but not for Carrie Bradshaw.  In her low ponytail and striped skirt, Carrie is nothing but class.

No one can mix & match prints like Carrie, and she pulls it off to perfection here with pieces from Marni & Prada.

In Season 3, Carrie donned this ultra-cool Christian Dior newsprint dress with killer Louboutin heels. One of the factors that make Carrie a true style icon, is that her style is timeless.  You could don this exact outfit today, and look just as current and on-trend.

What does one wear when one goes to work at Fashion Mecca, aka Vogue?  Easy, if you're Carrie Bradshaw, you wear an incredible Vivienne Westwood pinstripe skirt suit. 

The final season of SATC, when Carrie is dating The Russian, could be one big best of.  Pat Field & her styling team really knew what they were doing by then, and nailed every Carrie outfit.  One of the best is this stunning, delicate mint dress she wears to a party with Petrovky.  Her boss may be trying to steal her man, but who stands a chance against this dress?

While Season 6 is a fashion lover's dream, it's Carrie's time in Paris that really stands out.  When Carrie is at home waiting for Petrovsky her first night in the city of lights, she did it in the most romantic dress possible.  Your heart broke for Carrie, & your jaw dropped at the sight of this Versace tulle & chiffon stunner.  This is the dress every little girl dreams of wearing while playing in the mirror in your mother's high heels.

Super girly in pink, Carrie receives this fabulous Oscar de la Renta creation from Petrovsky as a gift to wear to the Met.  All of my girlfriends wanted this dress the second they saw it, and I concur.

Another Paris outfit from Season 6, Carrie dons a fantastic striped top & skirt from Sonia Rykiel, with Carrie's signature giant flower. C'est l'amour!

Carrie certainly loves her tulle skirts, and I don't blame her.  This amazing combo in the Season 6 finale, topped with a fur muff, is girly perfection.  Le sigh.

Carrie & Big had their ups and downs in the first film, but what I'm really coveting is this amazing green floral dress & jacket ensemble, both vintage, and Timmy Woods Eiffel Towel bag.  Love.

Last, but definitely not least, Carrie wears this knockout Emilio Pucci gown in the second film, with Vivienne Westwood heels.  I love how it's paired with a men's jacket, giving it that Carrie touch.

What are your favorite Carrie moments??


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