Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Met Gala 2013 - Best Dressed

Enough of the bad, let's get to the good stuff! While there was a lot of wtf happening at the ball, some stars really worked it out Met Gala style. I'm sure some of my choices are going to be controversial, but here are my best dressed of the night:

I absolutely adore Kate Bosworth's Balmain gown, the fabric looks so luxurious, and I am in love with the colours!

I thought Katy Perry really rocked it out in her Dolce & Gabbana dress, my only wish is that they had made it shorter for her.  It's a bit overwhelming on her frame this long, but I thought she killed it overall!

There's way more Met Gala fashion to check out, after the jump!
A lot of people didn't like Mary Kate's look from The Row, and I know it's the bohemian in me, but I LOVED this!  I want to live everyday looking this rocker glam. Love the hair, the dress, those heels, the necklace, and yes, even the coat!  I'll take it all!

Of course, my girl SJP really brought it.  This is what the Met Ball is all about, over the top fashion and glamour!  I could maybe have done without the Giles Deacon dress opening in the front to reveal patterned velvet boots, but I love the crazy Philip Treacy hat, it's insane!  It totally works for this event.

Could Gisele Bundchen be more stunning?  It sucks for the rest of humanity to have to exist next to her.  She always looks amazing, and this Anthony Vaccarello dress was no exception.

Jennifer Lawrence went for a Dita Von Teese style look in this ensemble by Dior, I thought it was classic and beautiful.  The red lips and the birdcage really made the whole thing.

Ok I was and still am conflicted about listing Miley Cyrus here under best dressed, but hear me out.  The theme of the night was 'PUNK: Chaos to Couture', and you have to agree she really went for the look in this Marc Jacobs dress and spiked hair.  This look is very Siouxsie Sioux, but I think she's young enough that she's pulling this off.  Honestly, when Miley first bleached her hair and started wearing more edgy outfits, my first thought was poser, but she seems to be genuine in her new image.  She's young, she's still figuring herself out, and I like the risks she's taking on her exploration of style and self.  It took balls to wear this to the biggest night in fashion, and honestly, I don't hate it.  Of course, I also love punk rock and metal, the music and the fashion, so I'm a little bias haha.

Honourable mentions: Rooney Mara, Brooklyn Decker, Emma Watson, Sienna Miller, Hailee Steinfeld

Check out the rest of the celebs and their outfits here.  Who were your best and worst of the night?  Let's hear your votes!

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