Monday, 25 February 2013

Oscars 2013: The Good & The Bad

Unless you've been living in a box, you know the Oscars happened last night, hosted by Seth Macfarlane. While it was way too long as usual, it had some great moments. Best for me was Jennifer Hudson killing it (one of my favorite epic ballads ever), and Jennifer Lawrence wiping out on the stairs. Honestly she seems so loveable and normal already, it really just endeared her even more to me. It felt like watching one of my friends haha

But, to the most important part... the gowns of course!

Two best dressed of the night for me, my very favorite being Sandra Bullock. I am just obsessed with her whole look, to the stunning black Elie Saab gown, to the amazing hairpin just adding the perfect touch. It's sexy yet classy, and so glamorous. I just love it.

More best dressed after the jump.
The other best dressed for me last night, in that I think this is going to be one of those looks they talk about for a long time, is Jennifer Lawrence. Her Dior dress was fantastic and just screamed look at me, while being so classic and understated with the white. She touched it off perfect with a diamond chain necklace hanging down her back. She looked so soft and pretty, but somehow not bridal. Topped off with her big win & fall, this look is going to live on forever. Reminded me of Gwyneth Paltrow's pink Calvin Klein dress, but I loved this so much more.

Now to the worst. Hands down for me, especially because it was such a let down, was Anne Hathaway. I thought her entire look was awful. I know she's in that awkward grow out phase with her hair, but the hairstyle combined with her makeup and that necklace, I thought it really aged her. Add that fleshy pink color of her Prada dress, and her awkward pointy top, I kept thinking she was topless. She managed to pull off looking matronly & obscene at the same time, almost impressive really. But, girl still took home the award, so it's not all bad news for Anne.

Also, honorable mention goes to Jessica Chastain and her bringing on the Old Hollywood glamour in that gorgeous Armani Privé gown. She looked like a total bombshell.

What were your best and worst of the night? There were so many to choose from it was hard to narrow down!

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